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About Us – Aiders.es

Imagine that from tomorrow you can delegate almost all your tasks and have assistance in both private and business matters. Check what you and your company will gain:

  • Discretion, anonymity and quick implementation in any tasks ordered by client,
  • Effective outsourcing of assistant services for everyone,
  • Reduction of costs of employment – you do not have to recruit a new employee,
  • Wide support and wide range of activities, will be done by multitasking team of specialists,
  • Tasks insight 24h / day via a dedicated customer portal CRM,
  • The possibility of implementing your plans, not only business but also personal ones.
  • Social Media always up to date,

About us – skills & competency


Research of data and offers of companies / specialists (Data brokerage)
Project management and coordination (Project Management)
Time organization and delegation of tasks (Time Management)
Handling of assistant tasks (Back office and Assistant Management)
Comprehensive travel and booking systems (Travel and Reservation)
Using modern internet tools and applications
Professional Copywriting, posting, text editing
Specific Training ex. Social Media Marketing, Excel Mastering

Recomendations About Us

There are only a few services without which I can’t imagine everyday functioning.

Juan Carlos

PR Director

Having an assistant who is completely bounded with us makes us able to do everything. People often ask me how it happens that I am able to keep my company at the top, in many different countries. Well, I have an assistant. This is one of the main reasons why it is possible.

Richard Bronson

Entrepreneur, billionaire

Time is money – you can not waste it. Remote Assistant is a solution for me, I order all expired tasks, it’s not even saving for me, it’s pure profit.


Investor and real estate broker

I thought that in my business I could do everything myself – it turned out that I was wasting my time on unnecessary matters. Now I have support – a substantive and competent group of professionals – I focus on really important things, and my company is developing even better.

Mark, financier and art collector.


Financier and art collector.

There is nothing impossible for remote assistants. Every day we work together and develop together. I need a flexible and at the same time brilliant collaborator.



I recommend to all overworked entrepreneurs who need a moment of rest. Aiders are always at our disposal.



Nothing to add, cooperation at the highest level.
Aiders.es means saving time, money, in addition – a child’s smile when he receives his dream skateboard on a perfectly prepared birthday party – priceless.


Sales Manager

The time saved I spend on matters that are important only for me. I do not want to imagine my daily duties without the help of Aiders. With one phone, I’m relieved from large part of the activities that I had planned.



Aiders.es is real support for me at work. The feeling that a team of specialists is focused over my tasks gives me comfort and allows me to spend time on the most important things. This is an ideal option for everyone.



At first I was not convinced and I had a thousand questions.
I took it for a try. Today I can not imagine work without the support of the Aiders.es team. I recommend it to anyone who runs a business and wants to be free themselves from small but important issues.


Marketing Manager

Cooperation with Aiders opened my eyes to how many unnecessary activities I do during the day.
Today I can calmly lean over the most important projects, knowing that the remaining topics will be efficiently completed by Aiders. I highly recommend this service.



Remote Assistants are not only competent, intelligent, nice and helpful people.
It is a team of very fast learners, fully organized and with skill to always find a solution. I absolutely recommend their services. After 15 years of running business, I find that there is no better solution.



I highly recommend the services of remote assistants.
From the beginning of cooperation I can always count on their professional support and comprehensive help. Assists quickly and effectively carry out the tasks entrusted to them. I can focus on developing my own company. It is also important that they are constantly expanding their widely-developed competences. My company has made tremendous progress since I’ve been working with Aiders.es.



And the immediate response to my needs are combined in this case with the rich experience of the entire Aiders team, which positively surprised me. High standard of service and the feeling that someone cares about my interests.